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April 28, 2014 – i-Solutions’ proactive approach to compliance issues   View   PDF

December 11, 2013 – Impact Management Services (IMS) expands   View   PDF

PRESS RELEASE – Monday, April 28, 2014

i-Solutions’ proactive approach to compliance issues

RALEIGH, NC – More attention is being focused on Regulatory Compliance within the Life Science industry. Why? To ensure the integrity of products entering the marketplace is of the highest quality for the patients who rely on these products.

At i-Solutions, we have a revolutionary new way to solve these regulatory compliance demands and expectations. We are pleased to report the launch of COMPAS (Compliance Proactive Advocacy Support). i-Solutions’ staff and industry experts have invested years designing and vetting our COMPAS services to assist our clients through the compliance and regulatory processes. COMPAS creates a direct path using a proactive approach to the challenging regulatory compliance aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing. This new service works in conjunction with our LAMPS and CATS technologies.

Test-Tube-72The Life Science industry gives an enormous amount of attention to the quality of its products, but is always looking for new ways to ensure compliance proactively. Proactive Compliance is about ensuring that quality compliance measures are in place and are being appropriately followed. This includes remediation of any observations that have been cited by internal, agency, client, or vendor audits. It also includes insurance that the solutions are documented. Integrating quality with the manufacturing process is why i-Solutions is a leader in manufacturing processes.

Regulatory Compliance is one of the Life Science industry’s greatest challenges. The receipt of a Warning Letter or a Consent Decree can throw a company into an unbelievable series of events that wreak havoc with normal supply chain activities, resources, budgets, stock values and the company’s public image. No matter how prepared an entity is for such an event, the fact that it is unplanned creates tremendous stress.

This approach, utilizing the Consent Decree model with proven tools and without onerous terms and conditions, allows a company to plan for remediation of any aspects of operations that need attention. It allows a company to budget for the remediation effort as opposed to providing an open check book during the aforementioned events. It minimizes the interruption of normal supply chain activities and ensures continued product delivery to patients. It allows a company to effectively communicate the proactive efforts it is taking to maintain the highest level of quality achievable to the FDA.

Additional information about COMPAS and our compliance and regulatory services can be found by visiting our website at – tab brochures.

To find out more about i-Solutions, please contact us by e-mail, or
call us at (919) 380-0000.

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PRESS RELEASE – Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Impact Management Services (IMS) expands

Enhanced value proposition, proven expertise and commitment to customers’ needs  delivers greater success – Impact Management Services (IMS) is now i-Solutions

RALEIGH, NC – For more than a decade Impact Management Services (IMS) has delivered better solutions on an accelerated basis and at a lower cost to the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry.  These services have been delivered by working closely with customers to assist them in reaching their strategic goals on time, and with cost effective methodologies. In an effort to provide even greater support to customers, i-Solutions has designed, tested and implemented proprietary software to enhance the execution of its services.  As a result the company has grown and is now operating as i-Solutions. Rebranding is the positive outcome of its growth, which will broaden i-Solutions’ international and North American footprint, and increase brand recognition. The rebranding will optimize i-Solutions’ unparalleled dedication to offering proven management solutions.

Test-Tube-72i-Solutions’ proprietary tools enhance the planning and execution of Life Sciences change management programs. With supreme client service success models, i-Solutions will utilize its extensive, multi-platform attributes to generate innovative business solutions that have proven to be successful for over 14 years.

“Re-branding as i-Solutions represents our evolution and direction,” said President & CEO, Jim Scandura. “Clients and employees have already gravitated toward us because of our solutions-oriented system.  It makes sense for us to adopt solutions as part of our company name. This change is a logical step in our succession and gives us an umbrella under which we can continue to expand our products, services, and locations during our next phase of growth and development. We are much more than a provider of efficiency and management tools. This evolution is an important step to better communicate our value proposition.”

The company’s new logo embodies our vision of an “i-can” attitude, offering “i-nnovative” products that will power the future of business efficiencies.”

i-Solutions has taken on a new direction with the launch of their redesigned website “We really wanted our website to reflect i-Solutions’ commitment to providing strong value to our clients, but at the same time showcase that we are a company with a vision” says Scandura. The newly redesigned website (coming soon) will include design elements that subtly convey modern, efficient, precise, purposeful, and focused brand attributes. The new identity will better characterize i-Solutions as a premier international and local provider of custom and enterprise solutions along with our fundamental program / project management consulting services.

“The idea of rebranding to i-Solutions is a clear, logical step that communicates to both current customers and potential customers that we continue to provide services that consistently outpace our competitors,” said Scandura. “We have some great momentum right now with no signs of slowing down.  There will never be a better time to rebrand than now.”

To find out more about i-Solutions, please contact us by e-mail, or
call us at (919) 380-0000.

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